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Plumber Sydney - Don’t let a plumbing problem become a catastrophe!


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Drip Plumbing & Meter Works is owned and operated by LICENSED Master Plumber Charlie. Charlie’s team is a family of superior plumbers, who genuinely care about each customer’s specific situation. Our company offers free, no-obligation estimates for all residential and commercial requests, and works around your schedule to make the process smooth & stress-free.

Did You Know?

We bet you didn’t know that most customers can get new water meters installed for free… Sydney offers a meter reimbursement program, where all or most of the cost of your meter installation can be reimbursed. Drip Plumbing & Meter Works proudly helps homeowner and property owners with new water meter installation with this program in mind. Inquire further when calling us.

Who We Are

From new water meter installation, gas line repair, to exclusive backflow preventer design and installation, and Sydney DOB violation removals; the services Drip Plumbing quickly resolve issues and prevent future problems from surfacing. We can proudly and confidently say that our plumbing company is the best. Servicing Sydney and NSW.

I was very satisfied with Drip Plumbing. The guys were polite and professional. The price for the work was very reasonable.

— John, Sydney, NSW

I have used many plumbers over the years.Charlie is friendly and is easy to work with. He doesn’t try to push extra work on you. He has become part of the family.

— Arlene

Highly recommended. We had a broken main shut off valve that was causing big problems for us. Drip Plumbing was able to install a new valve without much of a mess and saved us from having to replace the entire water main.

— Evan, Parramatta, NSW

Charlie from Drip Plumbing installed our new water meter and handled all the paperwork. He was also able to get the official paperwork done for the entire job. Great job.

— Gayle, Sydney, NSW

Why Drip Plumbing

Plumber Sydney – Don’t succumb to the unexpected. And never again question accuracy or quality.

Enjoy the A+ services offered by Drip Plumbing for any Sydney plumbing services, be it residential, commercial, strata or anything else

For the best and most reliable, trained, licensed and precise plumbers, it’s Charlie, Julia and their highly experienced Master technicians, and the design & planning of architects with 25 years of residential and commercial installation. Check Our Plumber Sydney

Don’t let a plumbing problem become a catastrophe!


Drip Plumbing offer emergency plumbing & electrical services throughout Sydney




Effective & Efficient

At Drip Plumbing, we specialize in emergency plumbing & electrical call-outs. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to handle any plumbing or electrical problem in the Sydney area.

Feel free to call us with any of your plumbing or electrical problems as we are here to help no matter how big or how small the problem is.

Emergency calls get priority over all other appointments so you can be assured of the fastest service possible.

When you call us, our experienced customer service staff will establish the urgency and send an emergency plumber or electrician to you straight away.


If we don’t turn up on time, we will take $100 off the bill